Stay Tuned For New Launches...

**Stay Tuned For New Launches!

Basic Alligator

The Basic Alligator is not only suitable for children but also for adults! They can be used to clip up fringe while you are at work.

Top Photo : Dotties Alligator
Colour from left: Black Polka Dots,
                           Lavender Polka Dots,
                           Cream Polka Dots,
                           Cream Polka Dots,
                           Gymbo Dot (Lavender & Ocean Dot)

Bottom Photo: Stripes Alligator
Colour from left: Brown N Pink,
                           Navy Blue & White,
                           Lavender & Purple.

Price : SGD 2.50 each, SGD 4.20 for 2, SGD 11.80 for any 6.

*See 3/8" Ribbons Tray for more colours.