Stay Tuned For New Launches...

**Stay Tuned For New Launches!

1/4" Ribbon Tray

Solid Colours

Colours from Top: Turquoise,
                             Hot Pink,
                             Light Pink,

5/8" Ribbon Tray

Solid Colours
Colours from Top: Metallic Gold,
                             Metallic Silver,
                             Millennium Silver,
Colours from Top: Brown with Pink Polka,
                            Blue Polka,
                            Blue with Hearts,
                            Pink with Hearts,
                            Pink with White borders,
                            Mint Polka,
                            Orange Polka.

3/8" Ribbon Tray

Solid Colours
Colours from top: Mint,
                            Tropic Lalic,
                            Light Coral,
                            Millennium Silver,

Polka Dots
Colours from Left :  Hot Pink,
                               Baby Pink,
                               Brown with White Dots,
                               Brown with Pink Dots,
                               Apple Green,
                               Lime with Turquoise & Hot Pink Dots,
                               Ocean Blue & Lavender Dots,

Colours from Top: Red with white borders,
                             Pink with white borders,
                             Cream with Hearts,
                             Pink with Hearts.

Colours from Top: Brown with Pink,
                             Purple with Lavender,
                             White with Black,
                             Pink with Brown,
                             Navy with White,
                             Capri Blue with Blue Topa.

Silver Basic Bow

Price : SGD 3.50 each
Mix N Match Suggestion: Black Lacy Headband.
*See 5/8" Ribbon Tray for more colours.

Blue Polka Dot Basic Bow

Price: SGD 3.50
 *See 5/8" Ribbon Tray for more colours.

Pastel Basic Bow with Heart Shape Button

Price : SGD 3.30

Petals with Button

Top : Brown & Purple,
         Hot Pink with Purple & Green
Bottom: Hot Pink & Cream,

             White & Green

Price : SGD 3.50 each

*Select your own choice of clips or Pony'O.

Pink Layered Petals on White Headband

Description: 1-1/2" Nylon Headband (Interchangeable)
                    with Pink Layered Petals

Price : SGD 12.90

Petals Flower on Lacy Headbands

Description: 3/4" Strectable Lacy Headbands
Colours: Brown, Hot Pink, White

Price : SGD 10.90 each / SGD 19.90 for any 2.

Lycra Polka Dots Headband - More Colours

Description: 1-1/4' Headbands sold individually.
                   You may opt for it to be interchangeable @ NO COST
                   and Mix N Match with our range for hair clips!

Colours starting from top left : Turquoise,
                                                Bright Orange,
                                                Hot Pink,

Price : SGD 8.90 each


2" Nylon Retro Headbands

Top: White, Pink, Orange
Bottom: Blue, Purple, Black

Price: SGD 8.90 each

Hardward Type

For most of the bows/design posted, you may have it attached to different types of hardware. So make your own choice Now!

From Top : Pony'O (Thick or Thin),
                  Snappy ( 4cm or 3cm),
                  Alligator (Double orSingle),
                  Brooch (add SGD 0.20).

Pink Bowties Snappy

Price : SGD 2.50

Light Green Polka Dot Flower

Price : SGD 3.20

*See 3/8" Ribbons Tray for more colours.

Basic Alligator

The Basic Alligator is not only suitable for children but also for adults! They can be used to clip up fringe while you are at work.

Top Photo : Dotties Alligator
Colour from left: Black Polka Dots,
                           Lavender Polka Dots,
                           Cream Polka Dots,
                           Cream Polka Dots,
                           Gymbo Dot (Lavender & Ocean Dot)

Bottom Photo: Stripes Alligator
Colour from left: Brown N Pink,
                           Navy Blue & White,
                           Lavender & Purple.

Price : SGD 2.50 each, SGD 4.20 for 2, SGD 11.80 for any 6.

*See 3/8" Ribbons Tray for more colours.

Brown Polka Dot Baby Bow

Top : Baby Bow on Pony'O
Bottom : Baby Bow on Alligator

Price : SGD 3.80 each

Sunflower Baby Snappies

These Baby Snappies are also great on baby with little hair or who does not like to wear Headbands.

Colour from Top Clockwise: Hot Pink with White flower,
                                           Cream with light Purple flower,
                                           Orange with White flower,
                                           Pink with Blue flower,
                                           Turquoise with Pink flower,
                                           Hot Pink with Blue flower,
                                           Pink with Green flower)

Price : SGD 1.80 for each, SGD 3.20 for 2, SGD 8.40 for any 6.

Strawberry Pony'O

Price : SGD 3.20

Brown Lycra Polka Dots Headband

Description : 1-1/4" Polka Dots Headband (Interchangeable) ----SOLD OUT!

Colour : Brown with Pink Dots

Price : SGD 11.90

Nylon Sliky Soft Headbands

Description : 1-1/2" Nylon Sliky Soft Headbands

Colour from top : Purple, White and Pink.

Price: SGD 10.90 each / SGD 19.90 for any 2.

Lacy Headbands

Descriptions : 3/4" wide Strectable Lacy Headbands

Colour from top: Classic Black,

                           Pink with Polka dot flower,

                           Pink with Strawberry prints flower,

Price : SGD 10.90 each / SGD 19.90 for any 2.